Sections 39 & 42, Block 72 PSL in Reeves County

Any activity in this area? Any offers for leasing? Not interested in selling

Brenda the last activity I see in the area is to the East about 2 1/2 to 3 miles. Upcurve Energy has submitted an amendment to a permit to drill a Wolfcamp well(API 389-37176) in Section 33/Blk 72…to my knowledge the amendment has not been approved. GIS map of Reeves County Sections 39 & 42/Block 72:

Clint Liles

I’ve heard about UpCurve and KEW - Thanks for the map!

Hello, Clint.

Wolfcamp activity has been marching your way from the east recently with the new upcurve wells. Also 3-4 miles west of you Apache has 8 wells in the alpine high, all of which are drilled to bottom now. Looking at a few old, deep gas horizontals offset you, you may have some exposure to both the Wolfcamp and maybe the Woodford (Alpine High) as well, those Apache wells will be interesting to watch