Sections 30 & 31 in 6N3W hearing status

Any idea what’s going on between Roan Resources & Native Exploration in sections 30 & 31 of 6N3W? They first filed paperwork with OCC in May of last year but hearings keep being continued. I appreciate any insight into status.

Pretty sure they are jockeying for position to be chosen as operator. Time will tell.

Looks like Roan Resources and Native Exploration are fighting over who gets to drill.

How are such “fights” generally resolved?

Joyce-whoever has the most acreage in the unit usually wins, i.e., whoever has more than 50% of the unit(s). That is why occasionally you will see much higher lease terms being offered, particularly for larger acreage amounts.

Thanks everyone! Guess we wait but this has been going on since May 2018!

I’ve asked about Sec. 30 8N 4W in the past. I know a big part of section is Blanchard, but there is still an area that is somewhat rural. Just wondering if you know if anything is happening in about area, at this time. Thanks

Lots of leasing in 30-8N-4W in 2018 & 2018. I would not be surprised to see a horizontal well come up fairly soon given all that leasing.

Thanks for your thoughts on Sec.30 8N 4W. A lot of good conversation, on this site…have learned a good deal just reading peoples questions and answers.