Sections 29-09N-06W and 32-09N-06W Activity

I’m trying to get some information on some mineral rights I inherited for Sections 29-09N-06W and 32-09N-06W. In 2017 I signed a lease for well going in between these two sections. For a while I was receiving Corporation Commission updates, but I haven’t received anything in about a year now. My question is can anyone help me figure out what’s going on here. I also moved from out of state back to Oklahoma since I signed the lease and I’m rather clueless how I can go about updating my information. What exactly do I need to do? Thanks!

You need to update your address with the county clerk in Grady County. You need to contact the attorney or operator in the original documents from the OCC and update your address with the operator.

TPR had cases pending for 29 & 32, but they seem to have slowed down quite a bit. King 1H 32-29 was spud 8/30/18. There was another permit filed in October which added the Mississippian and Hunton and amended the depth. The well has a surface location in 5-8N-6W so you have to hunt progress from the section on the OCC. The well was active as of 3/30/19. So you should see Division Orders in about late August or September of 2019. Get your new address to TPR (Travis Peak Resources) quickly or they will not be able to find you.

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I’m in 29-8N-8W. I received what looked like a mass mailing from Antelope O&G. Nothing specific, but a general offer to buy. Called left message twice, no call back. Hmmm, activity?