Sections 21 & 28, 4N-3W-Garvin County

We have an on-going fight among several operators for a permit to drill a well on a 1280-acre spacing covering these 2 sections. So far, it has involved Rimrock, Triad, Sheridan, et al. The matter has been before the Okla. Corp. Comm. (OCC) almost every month for more than a year. Next hearing date is August 12th. My understanding is that Sheridan was fighting for a delay until they could sell their producing wells to Casillas. Once that’s completed, Casillas could enter the fray. I also have heard that Triad has dropped out of the fight. This could leave Rimrock and Casillas fighting for the right to drill. I understand the geology under Secs. 21 and 28 make it a very promising drilling prospect. The question I think royalty owners should be asking is how long it’s going to take for one of the contenders to be issued a drilling permit. If you own mineral rights in either section, make a phone call. There is a telephone number on the notices you have been receiving regarding the postponements. If they hear from enough of us, maybe the drilling can begin.

I understand your frustration but that won’t change a thing. Enjoy your life & count your blessings today. Might be a stinker of a well. Todd M. Baker