Sections 17 & 20-1S-3W

Anyone have any knowledge about activity or lease offers in this area? We have been approached with offer to lease? Also, does anyone know how to make a map, or where to find a map of different sections one might own in Carter Co?

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There have been over 750 leases in that township, so yes, extensive offers in 17 & 20. Most are for Roan Resources, Echo Operating or Casillas Petroleum. (The lessees may have different names than those as land groups are hired to get leases). Those three companies have quite a few pending cases before the OCC to drill horizontal wells.

Carter County Map.pdf (425.7 KB) I uploaded a map of Carter County so you can mark your minerals on it.

You need to do the research to find out what you have. If the Landmen find you, ask them how many acres they think you have, where they found your name or who they think you got it from. You need to have clear title to the minerals before you can lease. You need probate documents, affidavit of heirship, etc. (The affidavit may not be enough to get the royalties.)

You can start your search on for Carter county and branch out from there. Easy to look, but a small fee to print. Names are often misspelled, so you may need to get creative.

Back to the lease. If you are new to this, read the Mineral Help above and the Blogs category. The draft lease they send you will most likely need revisions to be more in your favor.

You are going to have a whole bunch more questions as you go along. Come back and ask. There is most likely going to be a horizontal well that goes through both 17 & 20.