Sections 14 and 23, Township 3 North, Range 4 W Garvin County

Does anyone have any updated information on the Ferguson wells being drilled by Newfield?

Val Connell Carter

I see a whole bunch of pending orders but no permits. Increased density for seven more wells!

Thanks. Val

Oh here I am again. Have had sooo much paperwork for the Ferguson and Tina wells by Newfield. I am in 23-3N-4W. Does anyone know if anything new is going on?

Always thankful for info from you all living in Oklahoma.

Val Carter

Ferguson 6H and 5H have spudded. May 17 and May 15. You can track them on the OCC well records site. Cut off the 1DD... if you want to search other wells. Put in leading zero in the location box. 2303N04W This one is 5H

1000 is permit 1001A is spud 1002A is completion

WOW As always many thanks. I had wondered when they were going to actually get started. I am not for sure exactly how much my 2 1/2 acres will be a part of this but they had certainly sent me a ton of paperwork to cover their bases.

You hands on information is always appreciated.

Val Carter