Sections 11 & 30

I own acreage in these sections & I am receiving offers to lease, has anyone else received offers in this area?

You might want to include the township and range since there are a lot of sections 11 and 30.

Thanks for the help! Sections 11 & 30 of 5N-4W.

11 & 30 may have vastly different offers even in that same township. They have different economics due to the gas/condensate ratios. Eagle just pooled section 11 in Nov 2016 for $1200 3/16 or $750 1/5 or $0 and 1/4th. If you were open to lease, you should have gotten a pooling order and should have responded in the 20 days. If you were leased at that time and now open, then your offers should be about the same.

30 should have slightly better offers.

M Barnes, We were not leased & haven’t received a pooling order. I am very new at this, these were in a trust until recently. I’m not sure what or whom to contact about the pooling.

Yes, I am. The oil co is Charter oak. I’ve leased through Superior and Capstone.

Friend me with the blue icon to the left of my name and I can walk you through what to do and whom to contact.

For both sections?

Only 11 has been pooled. You need to take care of this quickly.

What company has pooled it.

Eagle Exploration Production LLC 6100 S. Yale Avenue, Suite 700, Tulsa, O 74136

OCC Cause 201602877 Order 658377 Issued Nov 29, 2016. You can look it up on the OCC website. Let me know if you need help.

Thank you so much!