Section Question

Hi, to all, this is my first post, I have been following this forum for about a year, Thanks to everyone who post questions, and Thanks to the good folks who answer those questions, Now for my question, I own 100 ac. in washington county Ohio, 64 ac. in salem twp. and 36 ac. in adams twp. I think my property is, T 4 N - R 8 W, salem twp. and T 4 N - R 9 W, adams twp ?? According to, My property is in what is called, Donation lands, From back in the 1800's, and for some reason a part of washington county is not sectioned off, Can anyone help me with this puzzle ?? Also wondering why washington county does not have a group to join, hope someone starts one,, Because I would not know how!! Once again Thanks to everyone, Keep up the good work!!! Gary

Gary, you can start a Washington county group, it might encourage others to join and get the information flowing. Just a thought.