Section 9, Township 15 North, Range 10W

I have an older mineral deed in which I receive a 1/4% royalty. I own 3.33 acres and have been offered $11,000.00 per acre. Is this a fair offer?

Not enough. Been seeing 1/4 royalty deals in this area changing hands at $20,000/acre.

IN 9 15-10??? 20,000 AND 1/4TH???

The royalty on this mineral deed is 1/8 not 1/4, which of course is a huge difference. Sorry for the mistake.

Diane, Mineral deeds don’t have royalty, oil & gas leases do.

To sell? Absolutely.

$11,000 is higher than I've seen for the most part for 1/8. Whether that's fair (or enough) is up to you, but it's a good offer. Who's it from?

Huey, can you tell me who is offering that price?