Section 9 Block 74 Winkler County, TX Lease Rates

Can anyone give me a range or ballpark of what I should request when signing an oil and gas lease in Section 9 Block 74?

I have logged onto the Texas Railroad Commission, and see that there is a new permit to drill, and the company with the permit has been producing the wells very quickly, and efficiently.

Any help is appreciated.


Last year about this time the nearby sections in Blk 74 were going for 8 to 12k per net mineral acre. Some folks nearby evidently got a little more, depending on size of holdings.

I can’t find that thread on the new Forum format, but Skip Peel did his usual great job of ‘splainin.

As you mention, whole lots of activity in Winkler and next door in Lea County NM.

Good luck,

Jim Bemis

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From a 25% royalty stand point, I think Jim is on point. If you are willing to take more cash up front for a lower royalty, it looks as though you could get up closer to $20,000/nma. This is based on what I’m seeing a couple of miles north of your tract in Lea Co, NM.


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@bhiggins, a really informative map! Does it provide coverage for Eddy and Reeves counties?

Kathy - yes, it’s a little clunky, but still has been a great resource. They do have coverage in Eddy and Reeves counties. Eddy seems to be more comprehensive.

Thank you so much for this information!

Thank you so much for your information!

Jim…are your ‘slivers of holdings’ along State Highway 18 in Cheyenne Draw north of Kermit, Texas in Winkler county, and south of Jal, New Mexico? I used to pump the Lum Dougherty lease there in Cheyenne Draw and some wells in and around Jal for TurnCo, Bettis,Boyle, and Stovall back in 1974.
Know that area well over to Dollarhide on Hwy 156 from Jal to Andrews.

I did workovers on a LOT of wells in that area.

, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses:

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Hey Bill,

I see that you have referenced and posted the map quite a few times and I wanted to reach out and see if you could answer a question and you might not be able to as I don’t know if you work for them or just like their service. I know they launched not too long ago and are just in beta mode right now with not a lot of users at all posting their actual lease and bonus information they received.

I have done some cross checking and some of the information on there seems way off. Without having mineral owners plugging in their actual lease information (Bonus per acre, royalty rate received, and date of lease) I don’t know how they are getting this information. I understand they can scrape lease information off the online courthouse records, but without knowing the exact amount of net mineral acres of each lease there is no way they can know the lease bonus per acre being paid. As I mentioned above in the few areas where I have some title, I have tried to cross check their information and it is doesn’t seem correct. Can you shed any light on how they are obtaining this information with any accuracy? I know they don’t have a big user base at all so I know its not actual information inputted by actual mineral owners.

I appreciate any insight you can give and again you might not know the answer to my question, just thought I would ask.

Hey Cam, it helped me when I was looking for leasing prices for my family’s interests in Oklahoma. Just trying to help other people out.

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I appreciate it, Bill. I love the map feature and it is my go to GIS map for Oklahoma since the one on the OCC site is horrible to use. Just was curious if you had any insight on how they get their $/per acre prices as I don’t see how they can without having full title or knowing the amount of net acres being leased. I will reach out to the company and ask.

Thanks, Cam

I’d also like to hear others’ thoughts about . How does the site gather its information? Good/bad experience? The idea behind the site sounds really compelling. Comps are so important when selling/buying minerals…nothing worse than “flying blind” when going into a negotiation on mineral values.

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Where do you get this map? What service provides this information?

Does anyone have any information regarding lease rates in Block 40 of Winkler County? I have recently inherited some interest but not sure what to do. I was also reached out a possible sale of my mineral rights and I am not sure what to do.

I would like to know if I could lease my minerals but what price is a good bonus

See if there is any activity near your minerals on the RRC’s map viewer

Boyd & McWilliams has wells all around my acreage it looks like

You might contact Boyd and McWilliams as well as other mineral owners in your area. Also check for permitted wells Drilling Permit (W-1) Query