Section 9, Block 48

Anyone know of anything going on in this area, Got an offer letter from

Imperaial Exploration, LLC. Anyone had dealings with them


Is your Block # 48 T8S, T9S or T10?

Clint Liles

T9S (Township 9) I believe. Sorry, this is all new to me.


Good morning Rick,

After checking the GIS Map I see where there is production all around your minerals from 3 to 5 miles. Numerous producing vertical and horizontal wells in the area. The major producers in the area are Samson Exploration, Brigham Resources and Chevron. The latest activity seems to be to the west by Samson Exploration. Well API 371-39353(horizontal) completed in Sept 2015/oil and gas

Link to production data on well 39353:

Also to the west well 371-39302 completed August 2015/Samson Exploration/oil and gas

Link to Completion Report on well 37139302:

Your minerals are in a good area for future production. Be patient. I see several permitted locations in the surrounding area. And I've never heard of the name of Imperial Exploration, LLC.

GIS Map of Pecos County A-902 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Imperial Exploration is not an operator with RRC. Per wikicorporation site, the owners are affiliated with many other companies, including some mineral buyers. Leasing on behalf of others or to invest due to nearby activity. Since you are new, read articles posted on this site. Texas A&M extension has article about leasing tips. Be aware that the really important issues are the detailed terms of the lease. Once you have signed, then you are bound for many years. There are no do-overs in the leasing business. Lots of people lease and flip. There are many good landmen, but some will tell you anything they think you want to hear. Do not be pressured to sign or agree. Pecos County has much activity. So if this deal does not work out, someone else will come along. You should get 25% royalty.

Personally I have no information regarding the location you are referring too. What I can say is the company’s that send out those letters pop up like flies on a animal carcass. They just appear out of nowhere. Not saying it is not a legitimate offer but it could just be a reseller trying to get the part you may get from whom he’s selling too.

Thanks for the info Clint, TennisDaze, and Stephen. Very new to this. Looks like I have some more reading to do.