Section 9-5N-5W

Can anyone tell me how to get hold of Brent Baker Oil and Gas to inquire about interests which I have in that section where I see that they are the operator of the Well the HEIPLE 1-9


The documents that you looked at for you to ascertain Brent Baker as the operator should give you their contact information.

I was on Gross Production Checking my sections when I saw that one of the wells is operated by Brent Baker. Pulled up Brent Baker online and couldn’t find a way to contact them.

Last number I see is Brent Baker Oil and Gas Inc. 8005 S. I-35 Suite #203 Oklahoma City, OK 73149 405-632-2982

Go to the OCC well record site and look at Form 1073.

Question: received some documents regarding a pooling filed by Camino Resources in Section 9. If I am unable to choose a packet for one reason or another and get pooled, HOW LONG DOES THE POOL WITH THAT COMPANY LAST?

Most poolings are 180 days to 365 days. Don’t know why you can’t make an election. If you are subject to the force pooling and the well gets drilled under the pooling order, you will be subject to that Order until the unit is no longer productive. Could be years.