Section 9-4N-5W

Hi I was looking at section 9-4N-5W and noticed that one of the active wells, the Barrington 9-1 is listed as active and its operator is Silver Creek Resources LLC Question: I have never had any communication with Silver Creek and was wondering if they have been paying on that well and for how long? Does anyone know anything about them or their work in that section? Thanks

Have you contacted them about your claim to ownership? It is the mineral owners responsibility to notify the operator of changes in ownership.

Barrington 1-9 has been online since 1992. It has been sold quite a few times. Current Operator is Territory Resources, LLC 1511 S. Sangre Rd Stillwater, OK 74074 (according to the OCC change of operator records) They bought it in 2014.

Appreciate that info! I’ve already sent an email to Territory Resources and are awaiting their response.