Section 9 1S 5W

We have just received an offer to lease from Bearcat Land section 9 1S 5W… I haven’t heard of any activity in the area. Has anyone else? Also, sorry if this is a repeat, but where would I go on the internet to determine my net mineral acre of this section? thank you in advance

My family also has interest in this section.

Their letter should have indicated your net acres.

The offer should’ve stated the acreage they propose to lease, if not you should ask. I think you can trust a reputable land company to have done their homework. If the lease gets assigned to an operator they will verify it. I find no recent activity in that section.

Land man stated 3.8889 mineral acres. I am not sure if that is the full amount or the amount split between my siblings who are also receiving the lease proposal. Thank you for the replies.

No need to accept their first offer. There will be more.

Do you know who Bearcat is working for?

Probably Continental

I agree, Continental.

Alex, I don’t know for sure but if they told you that you had so many acres it probably means the acreage that YOU have (separate from your siblings) unless it’s all together in a family trust. Just my opinion which is worth just what you are paying for it. lol

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