Section 9 16N- 15W

would plugging that was done on 4/23/20 hold me to initial term of lease?

It would depend upon the terms of your lease. If you are within the primary term of the lease and they still have time left, they can drill another well. If you are in the secondary term of the lease with production, then if there is another well or wells still producing within the same lease spacing, then you may still be held.

That being said, since both of the two wells in the section (Frans 1-9 and McNeill 1-9) have both been plugged, then you are most likely released from the original lease unless you are getting shut in fees. Last production on both wells was in 2015, so unless they are still paying shut in fees, you are probably clear. You can request a release of lease from Foreman Enterprises Inc. since they are the operator.

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