Section 8, Township 6 North, Range 2 West, McClain County Oklahoma

Any late breaking news on what is happening here?

BP is very active in this township. They have a horizontal well planned for 8 and 17. The surface location will be in 17 and then go north into 8. The well is called Brandt 6N-2W-17 1HX. The pooling is pending. If you are leased, then you don’t have to do anything. If you have not been getting the notices from the OCC, then you need to contact the BP attorney. I can give you the contact into. If you are not leased, then you really need to contact the attorney as the pooling is pending.

Thanks a 1,000,000 my friend!

Can you please give me the contact of the BP attorney? I have been made an offer by an individual for land near the active township on an inherited property I didn’t even know I owned. I can use any help or direction you can give! Thank you so much! Bess Rhoades

John Reeves is attorney. BP office phone is 4644063. Hope this helps.

M. Barnes, who is OCC. Sorry if dumb question. I am part of an undivided 400 acres of mineral rights. We have been contacted by Prominer Partners out of Dallas, but not sure we want to go that direction.


Google them. They are fraudulent.

??? I assume you are referring to Prominer Partners.

ekfinch: no such thing as a dumb question.

OCC is the acronym for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. It is a state agency.

Pro mineral partners or prominer?

Is the pooling still pending? How long is this expected to take until BP starts drilling?

The first pooling was in June 2018 by BP. Cause 201803720 Order 679556. That order says that the Brandt 6N 2W 8 1XH well had already started. The surface location was in 21. Form1002A Completion order for October 29, 2018. You should get a division order about April or so.

Thank you M. Barnes! Is the division order in April (or so) when I will finally receive some money (outside of the initial bonus)?

The Division Order is the contract between you and the operator that states what percentage you will get. The payment of royalties is due six months after first sales. You should probably get paid in May. It may not be six months to the day of first sales because companies only cut their checks once a month, so you will get in their next cycle.

Thanks a 1,000,000 M. Barnes!

Pro Mineral appears to be continuing to operate in what appears to be a nefarious manner so be careful and when in doubt, call a lawyer