Section 8 Township 18N, Range 01E

Does anyone know if there is an active well on or very near this section ??

Near but not on.

Ron, thank you for the information. I also have a lease in 08-18n-01e. I saw something about a well in 08-18n-02e. Do you think it’s only a matter of time before AE drills?

Hi Ron.

I'm looking for a way to better understand completion reports. Do you know anyone who can give a brief tutorial on reading these Form 1002A's?

For example, for the "Lateral Holes" section of an 1002A report, it would be great to find a diagram with each of these terms drawn-out and labeled:

Depth of Deviation: 4192

Radius of turn: 1711

Direction: 6

Total Length: 4060

Measured total depth: 9347

True vertical depth: 4975

End Pt. Location From Release, Unit or Property Line: 367

Any ideas? Thanks.

Tom Gordon

Ron McKenzie said:

Tyler Section 8-18n-02e is 6 miles from your section 8-18n-1e . There are some wells closer to your 8 that don't look bad but time will tell . With a pooling for your 8 already I would think it would not be long. The pooling is good for a year.

Tom If you have not seen this it might help .

This site looks like a good one. I'll dig through it and see what I can find about Lateral Holes.

Thank you Ron!

Tom Gordon

Ron McKenzie said:

Tom If you have not seen this it might help .

We are not part of a pooling yet. Will we be pooled before drilling begins? Thanks again for your help.

Tyler They will pool it before they drill it. If you are leased they will contact you about the spacing but not the pooling. Just the people who are not leased are contacted about the pooling .

Thank you for the information

There is a Devon well in Sec. 7 18N-1E

well in 6 & 7-18n-1e

Thanks for the information. We are learning a lot.