Section 8-10N-12E - Current Lease Rates and Bonuses


New here…We found where to access the filed OGL’s, but where do you access the Bonuses offered in the area? Where can we look that info up? Own 80 or 160 acres in 8-10N-12E - number of acres is unclear. Our current offer notes we have restricted property… an explanation of this and what deems is restricted vs. non-restricted would be helpful also. Am the sole heir and no idea how to figure out what is due me to date, from past leases, etc. This property still notes my late father (2014) as owner and/or his mothers name. Advice of a good attorney also, as we’re getting nowhere with the OK Indian assigned legal help. Any and all info is appreciated please! We’d prefer not to have to consult an attorney and to educate ourselves here. ANY AND ALL HELP and advice is appreciated!

The only place I have found to get bonus info is on this site. This is the only venue where people are willing to share that information. You have multiple issues here. First things to solve are your net acreage and getting the interests into your name. That is a land man and attorney, if this is your first time in all this. Hopefully you can get someone on this site to make recommendations in the area. I know a couple of people but not in Okfuskee. I’m suggesting a land man or person because they can check records and check past leases, etc. The lawyer is to get everything in your name if it hasn’t been probated. If it has, get and read that documentation. Lots of answers there. Good luck and listen to the advice from others here. Has been helpful to me. Also you can search for more answers on the homepage of this site.

Found article that might help.