Section 77, Block 44 Reeves Co

We are being bombarded with offers to sell our mineral rights. I know of 4 permitted wells on our property. Does anyone know anything about this area? Thanks.

Sandra the GIS Map did not show a Block 44 but I did find a Block 4/Section 77/A-419

Sandra the GIS Map shows 8 permitted wells in Section 77 by PDC Permian.

This link is to production data on a Wolfcamp well next door in Section 80:

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 77/Block 4/A-419:


Clint Liles

My apologies, the correct description is sec77, block 4.

I'm sorry, it is Sec77, block 4.

It's a great area and you're being bombarded by offers due to the permitted wells mentioned by Clint. I wouldn't sell if I were in your shoes.