Section 77 Block 33 division order

I recently got a division order from Energen Resources for well Razorback Unit SE 33 77 703 H and was wanting to know how to get more info on this well. It says production started 9-1-16. I did not know they were even drilling. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks Harold

Hello Peggy, We have the same thing going on, my Father inherited land there, Razorback and Wolf Camp, Section 77 & Section 75, both block 33. The family name was Hayworth. Were wondering if there are other relatives we have never met.. saw your post and wanted to connect. Thanks.. Kathryn Ross


At this time I find no production numbers for the Razorback Unit SE33 77 703H(301)32860) on the RR Commission website. I also do not find a spud report(begin drilling).


Clint Liles

Thank you so much.. My parents are in their 80's; and a Land Broker called MIDCON sent them papers.. made an offer.. then sent a contract.. they didn't fully understand.. I'm afraid they have been duped.. Were investigating it now.. these brokers that take advantage of elderly are running rapid; my parents get offers daily.. They inherited the property almost 50 years ago; and went there in the very early 70's.

I cant thank you enough for sharing this information.. were all just learning.. it's so interesting..