Section 65


We are new at mineral rights and recently learned we had mineral rights in Section 65 in Pecos County. How do we learn if we are currently under a lease or if there is wells in that area? Thank you for any help you can provide.

I believe that there is probably more than one Section 65 in Pecos Co - Block or Township number needed to zero in.

Suggest you go to Tx RRC GIS site to find out if there are wells on your section.

As for are you leased - Pecos County courthouse is the best bet

Good luck?

Whether your minerals are under lease depend on whether your predecessor(s) in title signed leases and producing wells were drilled. You need to provide the block or township and survey (more complete title description). Did you learn of this through an estate or from a landman's phone call as he is researching title? Ask the landman for the name and relationship of prior owner so you can research this.