Section 6, Township 11 N, Range 6 W

We received an offer to purchase our mineral rights (owned 100% by our Trust) today that raised the ante from low 4 figures to 5 figures. There are a couple of provisos of course, but not significant to us. The question is to other property owners....are others receiving this level of interest? What has changed in the (geological) arena to create this type of offer? We have ignored offers to buy our mineral rights heretofore and most likely will continue with that position, but this is an interesting change in the market place.

The Meramec STACK play is what is changing the marketplace. Read the Q3, Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 investor presentations for Continental Resources, Newfield, Marathon, Cimarex, Devon etc. and you will see some nice maps and explanations of the play. We hold acreage near there and are not selling.

Thank you!!