Section 6 5n 7w


Does anyone have any information on what Unit is doing in this section. Saw an OCC case for two new wells and it looks like one has been spud from 31 6n 7w into 5n 7w (white 3h). Does anyone know if Unit is planning a second well after they complete the White 3 or perhaps drilling from same platform and Frac two wells at same time?


Unit has two additional wells planned for the section. They have an increased density case pending. 20180744 at the OCC. Location Exception is pending for the Hoxbar 201807045. Check the increased density to make sure you are on the respondents list. You should be getting this information. I see a Wells, so see if that is a relation. Don’t see a permit for the second one yet.


Does this have anything to do with our section…10-5-7? Thx Curt Bryan


No, your section is four miles away from sec 6.


The White 6-3H is now listed as active, but with no report yet has to production numbers.


Thanks Vickie. My assumptions as wells