Section 6 1north 3 West

I have a few mineral rights in Garvin county. I don’t know alot about all of this, so hopefully I can get some help. I’m trying to find out what the total “gross mineral acres” are on section 6 1north 3west?

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You can get that information by contacting the Garvin County Clerk and ask them about the “original government survey” for Section 6-1N-3W. If there isn’t a river in or through the section, nothing will have changed since the original survey. The clerk’s number is: 405-238-5596.

FYI, the gross acres is the same as gross mineral acres.

Todd M. Baker

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Home - BLM GLO Records. This is the Bureau of Land Management site. You can find the original survey at patent using the Search Documents area. For OK, you need to select LSR (rectangular survey system), state, county, township, range and Master Title Plat.

You will not own the whole section as over time, the minerals have been passed down through generations. The survey will show the original, but the county clerk has the title as it has passed down.


As a correction Section, 637.39 gross acres per the 1899 U S Geological Survey.

If you are interested in a map, try: Township and Range Search By Description which works with Google Earth.

You also might want to make sure that you appear on title. I didn’t find any Harringtons in your description.

Keep in mind that the online records are only indexed back to 1991. Also, if you were named in a probate order, sometimes the clerks don’t list the heirs accurately.

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Thanks, Todd! That’s very helpful!

Thank you, To Richard! I may still be listed as Trustee. So, I probably won’t be be finding a title with my name. Thanks, aga​:japanese_ogre::fish::sweat_smile:.

Thanks so much!, This research I’ve been working on has been mind boggling. The “0il” industry seems to speak its own language! Lol

YES - I see so much of which I think is in “GREEK !”

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The Mineral Help tab above is quite useful. Also, a small little book by Jim Stafford called “Look before you Lease”. It is a bit out of date and you need to know the laws of your state, but it has a good overview of what the clauses mean.

Thank you so much! I will definitely try that

Thanks, Riçhard. I really appreciate your help.

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Thank you for the question and every helpful answer. I am the 3rd generation owner of land in that area of Garvin County, but my profession in electrical engineering rendered me an utter dolt when it comes to the world of oil and the land wherein it rests . I am taking all of the above suggestions to enlighten myself. You people are so kind.