Section 5 T6N R2W McClain Co


My sister and I both have a very small interest in section 5. This is first time to ask a question and/or learn about mineral rights. We have owned these rights since 2012. How do we find out if there have been any production since that time and if we are able to participate? Thank you so much in advance for any help.


BP has a horizontal well in the section. It will be with 32-7N-2W. You should have been getting quite a bit of paperwork regarding the OCC cases that are pending. If you are not, then come back here and I will give you the attorney name on the case. I see your name on some of the paperwork, but they may not have your correct address. The well has finished and is about to be sending out Division Orders if they haven’t already. Since the spacing was for 640 acres in your section, any acreage you owned will be eligible for pay.

If you are new to this whole thing, I would suggest to get very familiar with the Oklahoma Corporation Website. Also read the article on the forum that I am attaching. INFORMATION FOR INEXPERIENCED ROYALTY OWNERS


Ms Barnes, thank you so much. This is really helpful!


The well is called the Boechat 6N 2W 5 1HX well. The splits will be 47.09% in section 5 and 52.91% in section 32. The order is for Case 201801960 Order 689363.

The Division Orders should be out fairly quickly after the percentage is announced. Your decimal interest will be according to the following formula.

net acres / spacing acres (actual) x royalty x % perforations in your section.

First sales were 7/26/18, so statutory payment was end of January. You should get paid soon if your title was clear. If not in Feb, then fuss a bit and request your interest. That usually gets them moving faster.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Thanks for the links and continueing education. :grinning:


To clarify, is SPACING ACRES the actual available in the section, in this case 640 acres?


In this case, yes, actual acreage appears to be 640. Sometimes, the northern tier and western tier of sections in a township may be slightly different due to adjustments for the curvature of the earth. I looked up 5 on the Bureau of Land Management patent maps and it is 640. Land Status Record Details - BLM GLO Records