Section 5, T15S, R37E

I currently have a three year lease (about 1/2 way through it) with an option to extend for two years. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there has been any activity in this area recently. Also, how will I know if they decide to start drilling? And our original lease was $800 per net mineral acre with $1000 on the two year renewal option. I think there are wells to the east but I don’t think this section has any active wells. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

So far there’s been no applications/permits to drill on your Section. Here’s a link where you can search for wells/permits by property location:

Here is Section 5 and the surrounding sections. There are no new wells (solid blue dots) located anywhere around it.


Thanks, i’m hoping there will be soon. I appreciate you taking the time to find this.