Section 5 1south 4 west

Is anything happening here? I’ve got some letters from lawyers about Relief Sought: Increased Density and Relief Sought:Multiunit Horizontal Well. I’ve also had a couple of buy offers. Best one was 6000 per acre. Also there is a couple of wells in my part I used to get a check from once in a while. If they drill the deeper wells on my part will they need to lease from me again? Not sure how all that works. Thanks

Welcome to the forum. Those letters actually tell you what is going on. They want to drill more. That is also why you are getting offers (which are usually low in my opinion).

If you are still getting paid on producing wells, then you may be held by an old lease or unit. If you are not getting paid, then they will need to lease you again. Good opportunity to get better terms this time around.

There is increasing interest in drilling directional or horizontal wells under old fields.

Thanks for the reply. I inherited the minerals and can’t find the original lease agreement. I’ve heard a lot of leases are to a certain depth but don’t know about mine. One of the wells I haven’t got a check on in years and the other since January of this year. I’ve called the producer and they told me it’s not currently active.

Ask for a release of lease on the well you last received a check for. Then you will be free to lease again.

I’ll do that. Thanks for your help.

I thought about something else. What if they gave me a release and at some point they decide to produce the well again? What happens then? That well is actually on the 10 acre spacing of the section I have the minerals.

Your original lease should have terms for the shut in time. Usually they are a year or so. If they do not pay you the set price for that shut in time in the timely fashion mentioned in the lease, then the lease expires under its terms. That is why it is so important to save your lease copy. A copy will be at the courthouse. Since your were paid in January, they may not want to give you a release of lease yet, since it may be under the original time frame.

Which well is it and I will look it up.

The minerals I have were acquired from my granddad. He passed in 66 my folks got em and they passed them on to me. I’ll find the well name and let you know in the morning. Thank you so much for the help.

I found 3 different well names from past check stubs of 5 1S 4W. Phillips A, Clark 1-5H and Davis #1. Thanks so much for your help.