Section 47, block 34 Activity and Values

I have some mineral acreage in this part of Ward county and would like some insight on the prevailing values of leases and sale of the rights. Also what kind of activity, if any, I don't see any recent permits.




After checking the GIS Map I see where Jagged Peak has 2 new approved permits(one next door to the East [37222] and one next door to the S/W[37226] to drill).

GIS Map of Ward County Section 47/Block 34/A-203:


Clint Liles

Thanks for looking. Jagged Peak leased a part and ABT the rest of the acreage. This seems to be a hot area, just don't know if my part is part of that!

Thanks again.


You are over-excited about your minerals. Your lease and other recent leases to Jagged Peak are in 2016 with 3 year term. So Jagged Peak does not need to drill until 2019. Be patient.


Not familiar with your area however closer to the Pecos River I know of lease offers at $6000 pnma and $21,000 pnma to purchase royalty rights. I heard of leasing out the minerals first for the bonus money and then selling the mineral rights in the same contract that way you receive both monies for the minerals a larger amount of $$$$$$$$.

I also heard from some landmen that prices are quite high and moving up no specific area revealed.


Thanks for info. I guess it’s only worth what some one will give for it! Like anything else. Last year we did a lease on 1.25 acres and now working on another 158. This is an inheritance and has an existing lease (and one well) so there won’t be a bonus on this.

Thanks again! Louis

Thanks, they said it would be next year or so when and if they drilled.

There are some very good wells in the surrounding area. I agree with TennisDaze.....BE PATIENT

Clint Liles

My message deleted so here is another shot.

First the information I provide is what I have researched or know of currently, do your home work with all

companies, landmen, etc. as many are offering lowball mineral lease/purchase prices to acquire mineral rights from uneducated mineral owners.

If the 158 acres is not attached to the 1.25 acres under lease you should receive bonus money for the new lease. "DO NOT lease all depths in one lease or you can give up valuable income/bonus money. The current

practice from what I am seeing is leasing ma by geologic formation, Bone Springs, Wolf Camp, and each formation below Wolf Camp, WC being the hottest formation. Have a good attorney represent you making sure you are protected from environmental issues in the future plus all the other leasing aspects.


Thanks for the info. Once the transfer of ownership is in place we’ll see what offers show up if any. We will have an attorney help with any new offers as 158 acres can pose a risk along with rewards.

Thanks. Louis