Section 45 Block 32TIN Howard County TX

We have recently signed a 1 yr extension lease with SM Energy,section 45 block 32tin Howard county Tx . They said they were going to drill this April,just curious if anyone else knows anything,I do know its supposed to be horizontal.

Help is needed if anyone can help me

They said they were going to begin drilling by April 2019 or April 2020? There are no permits or wells being drilled right now.

Are “they” SM or another operator? SM is developing a lot of this area, but if the lease is available to them until April 2020, they may be trying to develop the leases that are up sooner. I’m only guessing.

I also don’t know how many different mineral owners are involved in the section. I would guess the land work in here could get complicated because of the subdivisions on the surface? You may want to try to contact SM or the company that holds the lease. Sometimes you can get more information directly than you expect. We have some interests in areas south and east of there.

Some of the wells either are or have been “shut in” for a while after being drilled. I noticed today that the Willie Scotts (don’t hold interest in those) have gone back to active after showing shut in for a while. Taggert B is now showing as shut in, and my group is waiting to see what is happening there.

Not sure this is the help you need, but it is what I know.

Thanks for the info, sm energy said they were going to drill 2019,the lease is up in 2020,so I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m glad that SM was able to answer. They try to watch the lease expiration dates closely in our experience- it is costly if they let them expire. Possibly more bonus money for you if they do, so probably a win either way.

I was able to visit Big Spring recently and saw that they have invested quite a bit in the infrastructure supporting their operations in this area of Howard County. I’d guess that they want to put horizontal wells that down that section 45 and through section 4 as well. Seems to be the way they are working… usually two (or more) wells in a "parent / child " pattern. They did three section long sections on some, but the two seems to be more ordinary.