Section 44 and 45 Block Y, and A-439 and A-440


I have an offer on leasing 537 acres in Fisher County, Texas. Section 44 and 45 Block Y, and A-439 and A-440. I don’t know if the offer is the going rate. Has anyone had any offers recently in this area? Thank you.


We have been offered $100 per acre with a 3/16 royalty for a 3 year term. Property is located on the west side of Fisher Co and consist of 160 acres. Do not know if this is a descent offer or not. Any comment would be appreciated.


The western side of Fisher has had a lot of leasing activity lately. I think bonuses are generally higher than that but it really depends on the exact tract. The play being targeted there varies greatly over short distances as it is a conventional play and not a shale one. What is your legal description?


North-West Quarter of the H. & T. C.Ry. Co.Survey, Block 3, Section 39, Fisher County, Tx.