Section 43 Blk. 27

I am new to the group and would appreciate some input on a few items.

What would be a fair offer for the purchase of the mineral rights to a 1/16 share in Section 43 Blk. 27 of Howard County.

Is there any new activity in this area that might increase the value in the future.

We are currently receiving royalty checks from Apache for production.

Thanks for your help


Do you need the money to put food on the table? My philosophy is to never sell minerals. They don't cost anything to own unless there is production. Paying taxes at that point is good. I get multiple offers every month and have never regretted declining the offers. If you do decide to sell, don't accept a draft. Trade the assignment for a certified check unless you know the company is reputable. There are a lot of snakes out there. Some will say they want to buy a specific interest but include a catch all in the assignment that you are assigning everything you own in the county. Instead of buyer beware, it is seller beware.



Very good information. Thank you very much for your reply.