Section 416, Block D, John H Gibson Survey


I am new to the forum and trying to get some information. I have leases in the: NW/4, NE/4, and S/2 of Section 416, Block D, JHG Survey in Yoakum County. I am curious if any drilling permits have been filed, and if any other wells in the area are producing.


January 19, 2019

Dave, sorry but I just now saw your post from a couple of days ago. Steward Energy has an approved permit for a horizontal San Andres well(36990) to begin in Section 453 and ends in Section 416. At this time I find no spud(begin drilling) notification on this location.

Also Custer and Wright have an approved permit for a horizontal San Andres well(37002) begins in Section 416 and ends in Section 401. Drilling began on this well on October 31, 2018. There are numerous approved permits and producing oil/gas wells in the area. Some good wells in this area of Yoakum County. Some of the major producers in this area are Steward Energy, Custer and Wright, Hadaway Consultants and Engineers, Wishbone Texas Operating, Monzano,LLC., and Walsh Petroleum,Inc. 2 formations in this area that are producing are the San Andres and Brahaney.

GIS map of Yoakum County Section 416/Block D/A-1606:


Clint Liles

Thank you very much Clint!