Section 4

I just received a call with an offer to lease our mineral rights in Caddo County. Section 4. 6N-10W. The company was Swanson Oil. Does anyone have information on this area? Appreciate the help!

Caddo is getting some increased attention lately. Great Sky Partners is also leasing in the area. I see 3/16ths leases recently. The important thing is to get a good lease. The one they offer is probably not totally in your favor, but is negotiable. Make sure you get no post production deductions at all, no enhancements, nothing!

Depth clause, limit the shut in to two years cumulative, not consecutive, commencement of drilling clause, no top lease clause, etc.

Thank you for the information! Looks like I will be doing more research to understand all of this. They offered $300 per acre , 3/16.

Friend me with the blue icon next to my name and I can walk you through how to go about it.

Sec 01-07-11. Have an offer for $400 bonus at 3/16. What are you or others getting? Any information would be helpful.

Go for higher.