Section 4 8N 7W

Anyone know anything about activity here? TPR vs Continental proceeding was supposed to be 11/28. Do we know what happened and if drilling is going to commence?

Still pending

Okay thanks

2/5/18 permit to drill!! Now we (Barbara Gilbert) and family wait? What information can we expect next Martha? Is there a website or something provided by Continental about progress during the erection and drilling phases? What is an average time to expect the first check from Continental?

You can watch the progress at the OCC but only when it is posted by Continental. Continental will not tell you about the well. They have too many going.

Don't get too excited about the OkieJacks SWD 1-4 because it is the Salt Water Disposal well and not a paying well. But it is good news because they have to drill that one before they can drill the horizontal one.

The one you want to watch has a surface location in 33-9N-7W goes south into 4-8N-7W . You need to look it up from that section since the SL is there. I just looked in that section and there is no permit listed for that long well yet. The cause was just filed on Feb 5 201801096. It has not been decided yet. You will get the paperwork when it is ordered.

You can find it on the OCC website under Imaged documents. Go to the OK Corporation Commission website, then Conducting Business, then Imaged Documents, then Click Here to Search Documents, Oil and Gas Well Records Forms or the OAP Orders and Case Files. Type in 201801096 in the Case # box. They have some good diagrams about what the well placement will be, type logs, how thick the Meramec will be, etc. .201801097 is a companion cause. The well will be called the Eubank 1-33-4XHM. There is a permit for Eubank Ranch #1H-33, from the same surface location, so that might be the preliminary permit and they will replace with the longer one. Or they might drill that one first and then drill the other one. You just have to wait and see what the OCC decides. Type in 3309N07W in the location box.

Back to your real question. For a two section horizontal well, it takes four to five months to drill and complete. You will get a division order about five months after first sales and then they have to pay you six months after first sales or they have a 12% interest penalty. So a good guess is about a year after spud.

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Thanks so much Martha. Relating info to mom!