Section 4 -16N - 13W

I own mineral rights in this section. Felix drilled the Plummer well back in 2012 and has since been bought by Devon. Does anyone know what potential might be for more wells? I am new to this and am just wondering what my few acres might be worth?

They have recently completed drilling a well in the NW of 1-16-13 but too early for results. also have started production of a well in SW 27-17-13 which is a couple of miles north although I don't know how its producing. I know that's not much help but they are just starting to explore that area.

Completion report for 27-17-13 was approximately 200 bbl oil and 2,000 mcf. Council Oak drilled in 27 and they have a poor track record in that township. Rarely does production exceed 300-400 bbl oil. You're much better off with Devon or Continental. I would never lease to Council Oak, if you have other options.