Section 36, block 56, township 3 S, T&P

Anyone have any info on Apache well name LeeM1 and Lee 401AH on this section? Thanks. Duncan


As of today 5/22/2017 Apache has 2 approved permits for wells(API 389-35991 and 35992) to be drilled in Section 36/block 56 T3S/A-3697(wells named Lee-401 AH and Lee-402 BH;

GIS Map of Section 36/Block 56 T3S/A-3697:


Clint Liles

Thanks Clint. Looks like Lee M1 may be a vertical monitoring well.

Yes Duncan, they're calling it a Service/Monitor Well.;jsessioni...

Clint Liles

What exactly is its purpose? Does the driller use this well to determine the best possible depth of the horizontal wells?

Service well --

A well drilled, completed, or converted for the purpose of supporting production in an existing field. Wells of this class also are drilled or converted for the following specific purposes: gas injection (natural gas, propane, butane or fuel-gas); water injection; steam injection; air injection; salt water disposal; water supply for injection; observation; and injection for in-situ combustion.

Clint Liles

Thanks for the info Clint. It’s getting pretty exciting in that neighborhood!!!