Section 35-7n-5w

Does anyone have any info on a well in 35-7-5? The well was drilled by continental and the well spud date was jan. 13, 2014. I beleive the well name was triple rimer 1-35-26xh. Is there a way I can find out the production data when the well is brought in? Thanks for any info. and thanks in advance. I apologize because sometimes I have trouble navigating this site.


Search here using API 05123741

A completion report will be filed in 30-60 days after it is complete. It will have test data.

There are also way to search oil production about 45-60 days after the first sale.

The rig has only been off the site a few weeks. I would not expect any true production data until mid June or mid July.

You won’t get a check until July. It takes 6 mos after drilling…

With the first sales likely coming in May or June, he will be very lucky to have a check in hand by the end the year.

@ Rick. That’s for sure… Just sit tight and do the waiting game.

Thanks to all for the info. I am going to make a trip to okla. in a couple of weeks. Going to see what's left of Alex and visit the cemeteries.

Pack a lunch and find an area where you can sit and watch tank trucks haul oil from it. That will give you idea of how much oil it is producing. :)

Alex is making a comeback. A proactive town board... Four policemen who actively patrol to keep our homes, streets and highways safe... new restaurant on the north east side of downtown called The Feedlot... two barbershop/salons... a bank... a flower and gift shop... two convenience stores, community center that serves breakfast Monday thru Friday, lunch Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Now... back to my fence painting. {:)

That's great to here, I haven't been there is several years. Most of the buildings were boarded up. My granddad had house there on the corner across from the high school. My sister graduated from high school there. Thanks for the reply.

Good question. Anyone got any info on Triple Rimer? I'd be interested in knowing. Records show first sale date in mid-May, 2014. Six months is November. But so far, no division orders I know of. So... any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.