Section 35-6S-1W

trying to learn anything about this 100 mineral acres I inherited from my mother. How do I transfer to my name, how can I obtain a value, what if I want to sell?

If you recently inherited, you will need to probate using the OK law. After the probate is finished, you need to file under your name with the Love County courthouse. Several attorneys in OK are listed in the directories tab above.

Now is the time to have an appraisal done. The estate can pay for it. The value has likely gone up since your mother acquired it and it will reset the current value. Might make a difference in any capital gains tax should you decide to sell.

You may have production from the Flanagan 1-26-35XH. The operator is Continental Resources. They will also need the probate documents in order to transfer the royalties to the proper heirs. Contact their division order department and see what they require.

First you need to get your legal work done. And you might not want to be in a huge rush to sell (or you might). There have been quite a few OCC cases in the last few months for deeper horizontal drilling in the western half of the township. There is one horizontal well in your section already with room for quite a few more. Not sure of Continental’s plans, but XTO is getting very aggressive in leasing in the west half.

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Thanks for the information. You are a big help. I guess I am making a trip to Oklahoma. Very surprised to learn this 100 acres is worth anything really.

How do I transfer to my name…? You are probably looking at a shortened probate process.