Section 35-6N-6W Grady County

Does anyone know if there is action going on behind the scenes involving Section 35-6N-6W in Grady County?


Continental has a first well in the section. They filed quite a few cases to drill additional wells in section 36 to the east. Apache and Warwick-Bacchus filed quite a few cases to drill additional wells in 34 to the west. I do not currently see any cases for 35.

Thank you for responding Ms Barnes. Let me understand something though: are the wells in 34 and 36 an asset to 35? When they are up and active one day, will that impact my shares in 35?

Got an offer for 35 out of the blue and that triggered my reaction to watching what is going on in 35.

Thanks again

The wells in 34 and 36 do not directly impact your 35, but the increased density in both of them is why you are probably getting an offer on 35. Someone is hoping for increased density for 35. Quite a few mineral buy offers go out when increased density is in the air. Personally, I hang onto mine and want the revenue from the increased density for my family. Other folks may choose differently, but always ask for more than what is offered. Sell all, sell some keep some, or keep all. You have options-each of which has its own risk and potential reward.

Thank you so much. Have a great weekend!