Section 35-6N-5W Horizontal Well

Hello, I just received communication regarding Warwick-Jupiter seeking to drill a horizontal well in S35-6N-5W in Grady County OK

Does anyone know more details about what is going on regarding that section? Will there be leasing requests soon? etc… Appreciate it!

Warwick Jupiter had filed for increased density for five more wells in sections 35-6N-5W into 2-5N-5W. (total of six wells) The surface locations are in sec 26. They spud the Yellow Sub wells back in Feb-August of 2019. All leasing was done back in mid July 2019 or earlier. The force pooling order was July 11, 2019, so if you were not leased back then, you had to answer the pooling or they chose for you (or your ancestor) and assigned you the lowest royalty option. I see a Hamrick in Wisconsin on the respondents list. Contact the attorney for Warwick and find out what they need from you to clear title and get on the payments list. The wells should be in pay status very soon. You may have to file probate documents in Oklahoma in Grady County.

WARWICK-JUPITER, L.L.C. 6608 N. WESTERN AVENUE, BOX 417 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73116 Contact Name: ERIC HUDDLESTON Contact Phone: 405-232-3722

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Thank you M.Barnes. I will contact them and see what’s going on. By the way, where can I get my hands on the pooling order for this section? Thanks

Go to the OCC OAP site and look up case 201902966. Put that number in the Case # box.

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