Section 33

Does anybody know if there is anything going on in sec 33 township7 north 7 west ? It is in probate right know so I’m not getting the answers.

You'll need to include further detail on county, state, township, range etc, in order for anyone to help you.

There is actually 3 separate ones 2 in Grady and 1 in Caddo. The one I postedbout the sec 33 one the best I could come up with is Southeast Quarter of section 33, Township 7North, Range 7West, Grady County Oklahoma. I think the paperwork says Velma.I'm going to send descriptions in separate messages.

The next one is section 19, T10N R08W Turkey, Grady County Oklahoma. I think there was just a lease signed on that one.

The third one is in caddo county its section 07 T05NR10W. Apache, Caddo County Oklahoma. I also recall hearing the name rose hill I think it was in regards to the sec 33 Grady one though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The probate started 6-23-2014 and I am still in the dark to the EXACT discription and the amount of acres. I have repeatedly ask my sister, which is rep, and the probate attorney. I'm getting frustrated and I have a bad feeling of what is really going on. Thanks!!!