Section 33 7n 4w

Hello all, I own mineral rights on 10 acres in the section mentioned above. We have recently been offered $5800 an acre to sell. Over the past 5-7 years we've gotten multiple offers ranging between $3-4k/acre including a lease that is coming to an end. We are not local to the area and new in this business. Is this a good price per acre?

Rec’d offer for 20k in sec 13 6n4w.

Did you take the offer? was it a local company that offered?

Hi Chris,

Last year I sold 1/2 of my mineral rights in sec 34 and 35 for $6500/net acre. I did not wish to sell all my acreage but to capitalize on their offer.

It appears that there is growing interests in this area as the Scoop/Stack play continues it's southern movement.



I assume that you know a well (Roath 1-33) was drilled on this section. On OCC's website, it was identified as active around 9/1/2017. The completion report has not been published and no production has been recorded yet. I think we should receive first payment around 3/1/2018.