Section 33 1N 5W

I heard they struck oil and gas in Section 33... Is there any way I can find out for sure?



I don't see a well permitted or completed in that section in many years.....Do you have a source of the info?

Someone at the Marathon Oil company told my cousin… No biggee. I’ll find out for sure on the 20th.

Do you have the right S-T-R. I think they do have one in 33-1N-5W

Yes you’re correct, I guess only my cousins section got lucky. Any chance they could start in the south portion? Is that something they do? Mine is 1S 5W and hers is 1N 5W

Yours is six miles away and probably has a fault in it, so not as good a spot.

Thanks for the bad news… Lol

I think there are two wells peggy 1-33-h davenport ranch1-31-h sec 33 -1n -5west

I found my paperwork and mine is the Peggy 1-33H well. And it’s been producing since Sept 2014. Great news for us.

Section 31, 1N 5W Any news about Marathon's Davenport Ranch 1-31H well?