Section 32 and pipeline activity

Anyone been contacted by Red Oak Pipeline?

Red Oak Pipeline LLC is a 50/50 joint venture of Phillips 66 and Plains All American Pipeline (Plains) Companies with the power of eminent domain often send a low-ball offer to satisfy the good faith negotiations requirement. Then they begin condemnation proceedings. The US Fifth Amendment and Oklahoma Bill of Rights. Often you will not receive due compensation for the actual value without a fight. Attorney Harlan Hentges has handled many cases for landowners. 405.340.6554

It would be helpful if you specified the township/range, since there are quite a few “section 32s” in McClain country. I have received an offer regarding an easement in sec. 28, 05N 04W, but not from Red Oak. There is a lot of pipeline activity in the Golden Trend, varying in purpose. I would be interested in hearing something about your offer, and am willing to compare. (The offer I received was low-ball, and had some flaws due to crossing other easements. We countered, but are still “early” in the process.)

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I have in Sections 10 and 16, 5N 3W.

Spectralguy, I hate to divulge too much on a public forum so most of what I’ll say is in the public domain. The offer I received was low ball too. Flaws in easements too. They had part of the proposed route directly through an active injection well. Sounds like we may be in the same boat? Really wish this site had private messaging!

One other point I didn’t put into my previous reply which I think is most important — I’m fairly knowledgeable in oil/gas and have several background sources that are directly involved in the pipeline easement world — still hired an attorney to draft the final contract so our needs/words would deliver what we wanted — and which turned out to be six pages instead of the three paragraph one pager that Enable offered up at the beginning… It will be $$ well-spent…

Believe if you go backwards in the forum, we had a pretty good discussion on current rates in McClain county and rule of thumb as well as reference sources — believe the easement rule of thumb is $10/rod per easement foot, depending on the pipeline size and purpose. So 40’ easement yields $400/rod on say a 20" pipeline…Several great articles via “google” on the net as to clauses/items you probably have not thought of and should read – (before and after survey, ground leveling, access) etc. Keep in mind that a pipeline is lot like the old movie “Indecent Proposal” (Redford offers $1M to her husband to have Demi Moore for the night) — Pipeline writes one check and then you live it forever so you had better get your legal position in writing up front. They are not on your side and not doing you a favor…

I don’t quite know what to make of this company. Its the same people, behind a different LLC, that is doing the STACK Pipeline. One difference I see on the Red Oak Pipeline is a FERC tariff filing hasn’t been done yet. That could change but until then not a common carrier so no eminent domain. 10 years ago some other company wanted to do a Natural Gas line, they cried eminent domain but nothing materialized of it thankfully.