Section 32: 9N4W McClain County OK


I know they did a pooling order last month. Has anything new happened? Any information on section 32 would be helpful!


I don’t see any pooling order or even a pooling application for this section. Do you have a cause or order number?

There are some applications in process for spacing, multi unit, and location exception, but no orders on these either.


My sister had recieved a court document and mine went to her house as well so I dont have it in front of me but it said something about them going on May 25 last month to get a pooling order. I could be wrong. We have been getting a lot of offer to sell. I wanted to sell to my sister but she cannot offer as much as companies. We only have around 1.3-1.8 acres each. Possibly more. We inherited it nearly 6-7 years ago and have been in 2 different leases now. I do have a copy of my lease


See my other comment. You have a well drilling right now.


What other comment?