Section 32: 9N4W McClain County OK


I know they did a pooling order last month. Has anything new happened? Any information on section 32 would be helpful!


I don’t see any pooling order or even a pooling application for this section. Do you have a cause or order number?

There are some applications in process for spacing, multi unit, and location exception, but no orders on these either.


My sister had recieved a court document and mine went to her house as well so I dont have it in front of me but it said something about them going on May 25 last month to get a pooling order. I could be wrong. We have been getting a lot of offer to sell. I wanted to sell to my sister but she cannot offer as much as companies. We only have around 1.3-1.8 acres each. Possibly more. We inherited it nearly 6-7 years ago and have been in 2 different leases now. I do have a copy of my lease


See my other comment. You have a well drilling right now.


What other comment?


Hello I have mineral rights in section 8 that is leased along with your section 9 with OEG resources. I got the same pooling orders you prob did. There are a total of 5 wells of which some have been producing since April. At some point in time we will get division orders that will show us how much royalties we will be getting (decimal interest) We should see a check about 6 months after first sales. First check will be a big one as it has accumulated over a period of that time so the second check is the most reliable one that you will get every month. I am very excited about the drilling but I only own a little more than a half acre. I get a few offers a week to sell but no way!