Section 32-10-7?? Any news?

Does anyone have any news regarding the well in 32-10-7? I was told they appear to be fracking the well. Have there been any good wells with high production near Minco?

As you know this well in 32-10-7 is a multi unit well going north into Section 29. I understand from a reliable source that the Well was successfully drilled to full planned lateral length of around 10,000 feet. Also from a reliable source, the well is planned to be fraced in 59 stages. Haliburton is doing the completion but experiencing problems due to high downhole pressure. This is not an usual problem and just takes more time, money and safety precautions to achieve the necessary frac result. I hope to post some photos soon of the frac operation In 32-10-7.

Lots of wells being completed around Minco but operators are not talking much and dragging their feet filing the Completion Report with OCC. It has always been my understanding that high downhole pressures are a sign of possibly strong production. The signs are positive as OCC filings continue and drilling is everywhere in northern Grady.

Thanks so much for the information. What is the purpose of it being a multi section well? Were there two rigs that drilled from two directions? I assume if it is two sections then the production is shared by the royalty owners in both sections?

Have you heard if they will be drilling in 27/10/8 or 26/10/8 in the near future?

Thanks again!


The OCC filings on this well contain all the details of the multi unit well which presumably you have received. Basically, the longer the lateral thus longer completion interval, the greater the production. You are correct that royalties wil be shared by owners in both sections in proportion to their respective completion interval lengths.

A single well was drilled from the south end of Section 32 north through both Sections 32 and 29. The OCC filings and Drilling Permit provide details including a survey map of the planned wellbore route.

I have no knowledge of activity in Sections 26 and 27 but you can research that through OCC filings.