Section 31 and 32 block 71 activity

Last month we were invited down to visit the rig working on family property (section 31, block 71). It was an amazing and eye opening experience, even for someone who kind of grew up around the oil field (father was a doodlebugger). Perhaps we were not invited, but my cousin just pleaded enough they gave in. The costs of operating the rig were mind boggling.

Prior to this visit, Apache had drilled a hole on our half section at Section 32, block 71. We are told it will be fracked soon, but that might be on hold while they complete pipeline work.

Am I correct in that prior to connecting to that pipeline they will need to complete the Central Processing Facility (they have leased 18 acres for one and we heard a second may be added). My understanding is that this unit will basically separate oil from gas and push the gas to the pipeline while oil will be routed to storage tanks, or am I all wrong.

The Central Processing Facility will have to be completed before processed hydrocarbons can be sold down their respective lines (Gas and Oil). Each is reliant on the other to accomplish the ultimate goal of selling the hydrocarbon products.