Section 31-9n-5w and 32-9n-5w

I was wondering if there is anything happening in grady county section 32-9n-5w and 31-9n-5w I also want to know who I can talk with about how and when to sale my royalties

Camino has a couple wells in 31, nothing active in 32.

Do you know how many acres you own and what royalty they are leased at?

You probably need to understand whether or not you have mineral rights that include royalties or if you just have royalties alone. Mineral rights are the ownership of the land below the surface and contains all reservoirs and their potential or actual producing wells in them. Royalty ownership is a much smaller subset that only contains the payments from a certain well or wells. Much more restricted.

You would not want to sell your mineral rights that might have an old vertical wells with small royalties from it when they are about to drill a deep horizontal well or wells that would bring in much more money.

YOu have at least two wells drilling on section 31 right now. One goes north and one goes south. You will potential get revenue from both of them and there is room in the section for quite a few more. Sec 32 is surrounded by sections with horizontal wells, so if it were me, I would not be in a hurry to sell. There is quite a bit of leasing in 32 right now, so folks are probably anticipating horizontal drilling.

There is a lot of mineral buying going on right now. In my opinion, the offers tend to be low to actual value because the buyers intend to make a profit off of the mineral owner.