Section 31-06N-01W in McClain County, OK

Is there any activity going on here?

Hello Fangs. There is a fairly new well, the Rockwood 6N 1W 31 1HX, api 35-087-22117 that is operating and producing since 2018. The operator appears to have just changed this month from BP to Lime Rock Resources. The pooling order for that well appears to include all of Section 31.

If you are not getting paid, then contact Lime Rock Resources IV-A L.P 111 Bagby Street, Suite 4600 Houston, TX 77002. Lime Rock has internally transferred it to LRR IV Operating Inc. 713-345-2160. You want the Division Order department.

There are no new pending OCC cases at this time.

We have not gotten anything from our mineral rights in over 2 years. We own 35 acres

Contact Limerock Division Order department with a certified mail return receipt requesting a Division Order, payment and interest. If there is any problem with your title, they should let you know.

They bought an enormous number of wells from BP, so the Division Order process has taken quite a while to establish the title for the thousands and thousands of mineral owners.

I have sent and email to the company and we have not received anything back from them.

Certified mail! That way you have a paper trail. Then follow up with a phone call to the Division Order department and an email. Give your contact information, a description of your leasehold, the date of your lease or pooling order and request to be put into pay status, receive interest or ask them to give reason why your title might need to be cured in order to go into pay status.


I have a question on this section. I have been receiving checks from Lime Rock so thats all good. My question is on leasing. Its been 5 years this March that I signed a lease for this. What happens regarding a new lease going forward? Do I contact someone or do they contact me? Thank you in advance for any advice!

If there is production on your acreage, then you will not have a new lease until the production ceases under the terms of the lease. If you have a depth clause or a pooling order and a different reservoir is about to be drilled that is not covered under the lease or pooling order, then you might be leased again. Usually, they contact you.