Section 30 Township 18 S Range 38 E


Have a property coming to me in this area with not much surface value, but after seeing active wells in the very near vicinity, thought that may be the where the value lies. That said, what would the value be for something like this? Thinking I’d want to sell those rights as we’re not looking to hold onto it. Any guidance is appreciated.



The mineral rights are often much more valuable than the surface rights. Slow down and get informed about the value before you think about selling. Read everything you can on the forum and outside about your area and what is going on. Most offers to buy are lowball. If you are about to inherit, you need to get the executor to give you a value as part of the probate. You will need that value if you ever sell for tax purposes.


Thanks for your reply and insight! Yeah, we certainly need to do more research to see which way we want to go. Mailbox money sounds very appealing too!